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This site is dedicated to learning the Thai script and not learning the Thai language, a task far more difficult. But for those who have some knowledge of Thai language or through travel or through a procedure that I will mention no names. I put here to provide all the letters of the Thai alphabet and their sounds and all the mechanisms of the Thai script.

The Thai script as the Roman script includes consonants and vowels, this one is also written from left to right and from top to bottom.

The association between vowels and consonants, however, differs markedly from the Roman script so consonants and vowels will be presented separately.

The Thai words are not separated by a space.

The words are invariable, no change of time, gender and number.

The Thai language consists of long and short vowels.

To express a long vowel the vowel is doubled.

The Thai language has consonants strongly expired.

All consonants expired will be preceded by the letter h.

You will find all these transcripts in various tables in chapters consonants and vowels.